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NPM Event

On August 28th, many interact club members attended the annual NPM event (New Presidents Meeting) in order to gain experience to take back to their respective clubs.

NPM hosts a variety of workshops that focus on leadership and collaboration, which helps members get to know one another.

SWAP EVENT Members were encouraged to speak to others outside of their schools and districts to talk and compare their individual interact clubs by swapping “leadership buttons”.

CRAFT EVENT Members took a leadership quiz and crafted a leadership bracelet/keychain according to their leadership type.

ROTARY WORKSHOP Information on Rotary’s relationship with interact and how to properly get in touch with Rotary for clu

b funding.

In addition to gaining or furthering their experience, members were also able to get free lunch and free interact merch!

PARTNERS Rotary and Interact hosted the NPM event while many Interact members attended.

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